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Steven Check

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Founded by Steven Check in 1987, Check Capital Management is an award-winning asset management firm based in Southern California that serves clients throughout the U.S.  It has helped investors protect and grow their assets, currently valued at $1.6 billion.

Never forgetting that the firm handles other people’s money (as well as its own), Check Capital has a culture of avoiding losses.  Therefore, its investment philosophy centers around the acquisition of stocks of exceptional businesses — but only when those firms are selling at bargain prices.




Investment Programs

Quality Growth Program

Check Capital’s flagship strategy since we opened for business in 1987, the Quality Growth Program exemplifies CCM’s investment ideals. Learn more

Private Program

Check Capital’s Private Program is a high-risk strategy that has delivered high returns. It’s suitable for investors who can withstand extreme volatility and a possible loss of capital. Learn more

Berkshire Covered Calls Program

For stock investors seeking a relatively low-risk alternative yielding a return superior to that of most bonds, Berkshire Hathaway covered call options are an attractive proposition. Learn more

Two-Bucket Approach

Statistics show that stocks, over the long term, have produced higher returns than bonds, Treasury Bills and real estate. Despite their attractive performance, stocks have a drawback: The returns are volatile. Learn more

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