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At Check Capital, our investment advisors provide individually tailored investment recommendations rooted in a business-owner mentality.  We take pride in following Warren Buffett’s acclaimed investment approach of buying shares in highest-quality companies and then remaining long-term shareholders.  All such companies exhibit the following essential characteristics:

     1) Easy-to-understand businesses with predictable earnings

     2) An enduring competitive position 

     3) An accomplished, shareholder-friendly management team

We strive to make the investment process simple in a very complex world, leading to over 35 years of success within the investment advising industry. 

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We remain committed to our highly logical, no-nonsense strategy, which means steadfastly adhering to core principles when directing your assets as your investment advisor.

Steadfast Investment Strategy

We stand firm in our steadfast, value-focused approach that will produce the greatest returns for our clients over the long term.

Profit-Based Management Fee

At Check Capital, you come first. For example, we're among the remarkably few firms that offer qualified clients a profit-based management fee for our investment advising services. This means such clients only pay when they profit.

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