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Check looks to invest in companies with solid fundamentals, valuing them, buying and selling them, according to their worth rather than day to day dynamics of the markets.

In my eight years with Check Capital, I have enjoyed financial peace of mind. I feel confident my accounts are being managed with professional expertise and personal attention.

My experience with Check Capital has been very positive in all respects. I like the investment philosophy, one that concentrates on a select number of stocks picking leading companies.

Having self-managed my portfolio for over 30 years, as it grew, I realized that I should diversify the managers of the portfolio, just as it’s well-known that everyone should diversify the investments themselves.

Check Capital are the guardians of our financial wellbeing. Their goals, as I see them, are to deliver their clients the best possible return on investment with the slightest amount of risk.

After 25 years of hard work, prudence, and the creation of my wealth, I decided to share the responsibility of protecting and nurturing my investments.

What attracted me to Check Capital five years ago was its strategy of finding and investing for the long term in a manageable number of well run, well established companies available at attractive share prices.

Steven Check

President and Chief Investment Officer

Meet The Team

Founded in 1987 by Steven Check, Check Capital Management is an award-winning asset management firm based in Costa Mesa, Calif., that serves clients throughout the U.S.

 It has helped individual and institutional investors protect and grow their assets, currently valued at $1.5 billion.

Never forgetting that the firm handles other people’s money — as well as some of its own – Check Capital has a culture of avoiding losses. Therefore, its investment philosophy centers around the acquisition of stocks from exceptional businesses, run by first-class management teams, when those firms are selling at bargain prices.




Investment Programs

Quality Growth Program

Check Capital’s flagship strategy since we opened for business in 1987, the Quality Growth Program exemplifies CCM’s investment ideals. Learn more

Profit-Based Fee

Unlike most of America’s money managers, Check Capital Management gives you a choice of management fees. First is an annual flat fee: 1% of account assets. The alternative is a profit-based fee: 10% of annual profits with a minimum quarterly prepaid fee. Learn more

Berkshire Covered Calls Program

For stock investors seeking a relatively low-risk investment that yields a return superior to most fixed-income alternatives, Berkshire Hathaway covered call options represent an attractive proposition. Learn more

Two-Bucket Approach

Statistics show that stocks, over the long term, have produced higher returns than bonds, Treasury Bills and real estate. However, despite their attractive performance, stocks have a drawback: Their returns are volatile. Learn more

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