Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Check Capital Management (CCM) has been an SEC-registered investment advisor since 1987.

How much money do you manage and how many clients do you have?

As of December 31, 2021, CCM managed approximately $1.6 billion for 999 clients.

Has your investment philosophy changed over the years?

While we continue to refine our methodology, CCM’s basic investment principles have never changed: We seek to buy the stocks of remarkable businesses at attractive prices. Most holdings in the Quality Growth Program are multinational companies with long operating histories. Furthermore, many of the stocks we own pay a dividend that has been raised consistently over a period of decades.

How many people work at Check Capital and what are their responsibilities?

Check Capital Management has 10 full-time employees. Steven Check and Ryan Kinney conduct research on companies being considered for investment. The eight other employees include a compliance officer/trader, five relationship officers, and two staff members who assist clients with a variety of administrative needs. For more about the people who comprise CCM, see “OUR TEAM” earlier in this section of the website.

How do you determine the proper allocation for my needs?

We begin by talking to you about your financial circumstances and preferences. Once those have been determined, we can create a complimentary retirement plan based on your specific needs and goals. CCM recommends you place the money that you wish to invest over the longer term in stocks. For near-term needs such as living expenses, bonds usually prove to be the best choice. As per our Two-Bucket Approach (see the “Investment Strategy” section of this website), we advise that you be careful in estimating your more immediate money requirements so as to avoid making stock investments that you’re forced to sell prematurely.

How do you deal with volatile, irrational markets, like those of 2008-2009, 2000-2002 and 1987?

CCM strives to help clients avoid permanent loss of capital. This is done by: 1) owning stocks of well-established, high-quality growth firms (“blue chips”), and 2) buying these stocks at a sensible time, i.e., when we believe they’re considerably underpriced. Although prices may fluctuate greatly during volatile markets, stocks eventually reflect the business prospects of the underlying companies. CCM maintains a consistent and logical approach during all phases of the investment cycle. Thus, regardless of “the state of the economy”, we only buy in response to diligent analysis and never sell in panic.

Where will my account be held and will I have online access?

Check Capital doesn’t serve as a custodian of client funds. Accounts are held at a major, independent stockbrokerage firm. (We can recommend one or you can specify the firm you prefer.) You retain full and immediate online access to your account(s).