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Since 1987, Check Capital Management (CCM) has helped individual and institutional investors protect—and prudently grow—their assets. We employ a value-oriented, long-term investment strategy that rests on this fundamental truth: When you buy a stock, you’re buying part-ownership in a business.

We have a strong aversion to loss and, because of conservative management, we're recognized for realizing very few losses. We believe the best way to make money is to not lose money.

On behalf of our clients, we seek to acquire exceptional businesses, run by first-class management teams, when those firms are selling at bargain prices. This approach enables us to maximize upside potential while minimizing downside risk. Rooted in simplicity and common sense, our strategy has delivered solid investment results to clients for over 30 years.

CCM stands apart from many other investment-management firms because of our:

  • Straightforward investment approach
  • Notable long-term track record
  • Profit-based fee, meaning we only make money when you do

We encourage you to explore this site and discover more about how CCM can serve you.

President and Chief Investment Officer

Check Capital Management Blue Chip Investor

The Blue Chip Investor

Check Capital Management’s nationally recognized newsletter, The Blue Chip Investor, features market observations, investment insights, recent trades, earnings reports, price/earnings ratios, company profiles and other valuable data.